"Giving Voice" Gallery Opening Reception

I have two pieces in the "Giving Voice" show at the Gallery At 14 Maple in Morristown, NJ. The exhibit will run through March 1, 2013. The theme of the show is based on a poem about imagination. It is running in conjunction with North America's largest poetry event, The Dodge Poetry Festival; and it was curated by the New Jersey State Museum curator, Margaret O'Reilly.

Artwork:   Silent Revelation   Acrylics on canvas    24"x18"   2010
                  (It was purchased by the curator, Margaret O'Rielly)
                 This is a work of art that came to me in a dream in the silence of the night. I saw it the way that it appears on the canvas with the white lines on the dark background and with the soft glow emanating from the box. The image came together out of the darkness giving me hope and the encouragement to continue imagining. I think the light in the picture will become anything that we can imagine it to be.

Detail: Silent Revelation

Artwork:   Home Sweet Imagination    Acrylics on canvas    24"x18"    2010
                 This painting represents that special weightless, floating, place at the core of my being where my creativity lives and has been nurtured throughout my life.  It’s a home that goes with me wherever I go through good times and dark times. It’s the place where I was brought up. It’s humorous and whimsical while being mysterious and unexpected.  

Detail:   Home Sweet Imagination

Mechanized Mondrian

This is a piece from my recent  "Mechanized Masters" series. I've been taking color plates from a favorite History of Art book and drawing on them with pen and ink to create a new and fun way of looking at them.

First Robin of Spring - the "Spirit of Spring Sketches"
A few weeks ago in early Spring I was inspired to sketch a small tree outside my window across my driveway that was just beginning to get earlier than usual beautiful little white buds. About halfway through the sketch, when I was working on the upper area, a robin flew in and landed right in the perfect compositional spot! As if it was sent by the "Spirit of  Spring Sketches". I took it as nature's spontaneous way of contributing to my effort. It stayed just long enough for me to include it in the sketch. I scanned the sketch in and added a little color in photoshop.

This is the full sketch from my sketchbook without any added color.

"Wheelies" at Index Art Center
Wheelies is a conceptual drawing that will be part of the ART CYCLE! exhibition at the
Index Art Center in Newark, NJ; which will run from March 10 through April 1, 2012.
The opening reception is Saturday, March 10, 7 to 11PM.  
Mechanized Mumbo-Jumbo in Maloney Art Gallery
This piece is in an exhibit titled: The Abstract Universe-Micrcocosm/Macrocosm at the Maloney Art Gallery,  College of St. Elizabeth, running from January 23 to April 15, 2012; featuring art inspired by science. This piece is a continuation of my ongoing series combining abstract elements with cartoon-like machine elements which express, in a light-hearted manner, both the promise and the futility of science and industry - both the order and the disorder - the hope and the futility - the knowing and the unknowing.